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Your needs come in all shapes and sizes. We adapt. We have the expertise to manufacture precisely to your specifications. Whether you need a one-off piece or large quantities, we answer the call with flying colors.


As a leader in the supply of products to the U.S. Military for surface and submarine vessels, Nuflo has been qualified for the most critical standards of quality and inspection certifications.


There is no room for errors, especially when your bottom line is on the line. Our quality control team goes to great lengths, scrutinizing every aspect of the job in order to control costs and exceed quality expectations.


The level of expertise and execution demanded from our military partners is evident in all facets of our production work. We’ve earned our stripes through hard work and dedication and our commercial clients know the best never rest.


In our experience, volume should never change the quality of the work. No matter the scale, we apply the rigors of a first piece inspection to every unit.


Shipboard applications are the heart of our business. Whether Navy, Navy support or commercial Nuflo fittings, flanges and specially machined parts will help your business run right. These design and quality standards can be put to use in any critical application where durable corrosion resistance is required.


Give us your best shot. We have machines, people and expertise ready to tackle anything new. We can bend, forge, and machine in a wide range of sizes while retaining critical dimensions and tolerances.

Nuflo Inc. manufactures piping solutions for every aspect of industry. From maritime to aerospace and everything in between, we take the inner-workings of industry to a new level. Our ability to assess, create and implement pipe design, even in the most challenging situations, gives our commercial and military clients more flexibility, greater value and peace of mind.

Based in Jacksonville, Florida, and with manufacturing plants in strategic U.S. cities, we offer greater inventory, greater manufacturing capabilities and more manpower. All that equals more reliability, the world over.

We take pride in being a valued partner for the U.S. Military and all our commercial associates.

What We Do

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Our Quality

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Our Facilities

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